Claudio Tume


At age six, silly me, I had the idea to ask my father to give me my first guitar lesson. At age nine I was admitted to the “Conservatorio di Milano” in the class of  Maestro Ruggero Chiesa, where I graduated with top marks.

A few years after graduating I suddenly got bored with the guitar. Fascinated more and more by the lute, I decided to begin studying it. I learned the technique from the most prestigious Maestros of this instrument.

With the lute I recorded a CD entitled “The Knight of The Lute” and, to satisfy the nostalgia for my previous instrument, I recorded another one with the 19th century guitar "Fandango y Rondo".

Both CDs were produced entirely independently because some friends and I wanted to find a record label dedicated to the guitar and similar instruments. You can imagine how it went …

I think it is worth mentioning that the Lute CD has been enthusiastically reviewed by the prestigious London “Society of the Lute”.

"His technique is dazzling, every note precisely placed and weighted, every point of imitation clearly brought out, and all parts in the counterpoint are beautifully phrased".

"In the middle of the sequence Tumeo places the Dowland (Poulton 8z Lam lA), and here he really goes to town, decorating at almost every opportunity, and progressively increasing the tempo to a veryvirtuosic finish. It's rare indeed to experience Dowland as an explosion of joy amidst others' melancholy!"

"The monstrously difficult divisions in `Mounsier's Almaine' are astonishingly well played, though I have some reservations about the phrasing in this piece"

Meic Goodyear "The Lute Society of England Magazine" march 98’

Meic Goodyear "The Lute Society of England Magazine" marzo 98’

I played in Italy and abroad, but at one point, fed-up with the pathetic fees and the enormous difficulties in finding suitable venues, I decided to stop performing.

For twenty years I have organized an international festival hosting the most outstanding guitar and lute performers making a little known Milan suburb a hot spot to meet and study for many string instruments lovers.

In 2011 I recorded the CD “Bagatelles”.

Today I teach guitar, play for my friends and spend my free time building brass locomotive models and taking care of my bonsai.